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  • Doug Talbot

New capability maturity & benchmark survey launched

Asset Owners and Managers are striving to be data-driven, technology-enabled, agile organisations that deliver customer outcomes through digital experiences, insight based decisions and trusted relationships.

With the increasing challenges to compete at scale, realise non-organic growth, achieve a sustainable operating model and ensure rigorous governance, the need to elevate data, technology and transformation capabilities has never been greater.

To support organisations on their transformation journeys, we are excited to launch our new capability maturity & benchmark survey. This new service will allow investment managers to assess your current capability maturity against our framework while also benchmarking your organisation against your peers and gain insights into their strategic priorities and service provider relationships (peer data is anonymised). We are now holding meetings with foundation participants to kick off the survey. 

The survey covers a capability maturity and strategic importance assessment across three capability areas:

  1. Business transformation

  2. Data management

  3. Technology management

The survey will also assess these capabilities in the context of your Client Services, Investment Strategy, Portfolio Management, Operations, Compliance, Performance and Risk business functions.

The survey is structured into 5 sections to capture Organisational Profile, Capability Maturity and Strategic Importance across Transformation, Data and Technology capabilities, as well as capture the capability maturity for each individual business function within the organisation.

The information you provide will be anonymised and compiled in a capability benchmark report which will be provided to survey participants. Information relating to the identity of participants is confidential and only information that protects the identity of participants will be shared. If you are interested in participating in this survey please contact….

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